Network With Like-Minded Individuals

we skillfully balance the club’s membership…

25% Developers
25% Investors
25% Services
25% Wildcard

Connect With The Right People

The Founding Forum is where it all began. With a curated membership of investors, developers, architects, construction business owners, debt advisors, quantity surveyors, planning consultants and other experts, members meet once a month and explore challenges, goals and opportunities. It’s a dynamic and supportive group where members learn rapidly and collaborate on projects.

Hosted by Matthew Siddell

Projects up to £15m GDV but mostly under £4m

Benefits of joining the Founding Forum

Ironically the club is full of members who dislike networking. Large rooms, mostly full of strangers is not for them. They don’t have the time. They don’t like small talk. They understand that meeting someone once rarely leads to business. Qandor makes it possible for members to meet the right people in relaxed environments, to forge relationships and get to know one another properly over time.

  • Access to funding and joint venture opportunities
  • Access to new business opportunities
  • The ability to leverage our network and marketing channels
  • A dedicated Relationship Manager to connect you with people that can help you
  • Access to club socials and events
  • Access to affiliate members and special offers

Our Values

We are guided by the club’s value and take them very seriously. Members buy into our values and it is up to all of us to uphold them.

Passion & Ambition

Our drive and motivation is derived from a deep passion for what we do. We believe that everyone has huge potential, and we help others realise as much of their potential as possible.


We have strong moral principles and value honour. We are open and honest in our dealings with others.


Developing property successfully and running enterprises requires good management of risk. By working more closely with others, we reduce risk.

Fast Kaizen

We continuously and rapidly improve our working practices and personal efficiency.

Egalitarian & Supportive

We believe that all people are equal and support the principle of equal rights and opportunities for all. We continuously help others reach their goals.


We understand that success is derived from hard work and talent but also timing, an element of luck and lots of help from other people. No matter how successful our Members are or become, we’ll keep their feet firmly on the ground.

With Partners Like

​​What Our Members Say

The purpose of Qandor is to ensure members meet the right people. Our aim is to build a connected, supportive and potent community, and make relevant and valuable introductions between members.

“It’s refreshing to meet like-minded business owners who are all serious about expanding their companies and can help each other with day to day challenges.”

Emma Stubbings Ikon Property

“Since day one the people sitting next to me have become my JV partner, architect and project manager. It has been invaluable in enabling me to build a really strong project team in order to build my business.”

Jeremy Wormington Ferrata Property

“Qandor is more than an exclusive club. If you want to accelerate your property business, look no further than becoming part of the club.”

John Friis Watermark Homes

“Monthly workshops are a great way of exchanging ideas and the speakers are broad and always insightful.”

Tina Patel Formed Architects

Our fees are modest and 15% of our profits go to charity

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the tie-in?

There is no tie in. If your circumstances change, notice required to leave the club is one calendar month.

How do I join?

Book a call with us and we will explain the membership joining process to you.

I live outside of London; how will I benefit?

Most of our members are not based in London and focus on deals in other parts of the country. Investor Members are always seeking better margins too, which are generally out of London. This means if you aren’t based in the city, and have good deals to hand for which you require the investor capital – chances are you will have a handful of eager investors sitting at the forum table each month.

Convenient location in
Kings Cross, next to Euston
and St Pancras stations